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Live With George 2019

Due to the tragic events of 2020, this 2019 performance turned out to be the last ever recording of George Laidlaw (Thumper) playing live with BLACKFIRE. Not originally intended for release, but under the circumstances made available now in memory of George and what has turned out to be a lost year of gigs for all bands.

Buy the CD version from this website to receive LOTS of extra bonus tracks!

To take a listen to extracts from a few of the songs click HERE




Fast Music And Drinking 

13 tracks of blistering BLACKFIRE punk metal goodness for just 5!

  • Stay In Bed 
  • Would You 
  • Voodoo 
  • Try To Be Mine 
  • Blackfire 
  • Fade 
  • Cannot Hear Her Name 
  • Join Me In The Darkness 
  • Pied Piper 
  • L Word 
  • Closer Now 
  • Only Wanna B With U 
  • Jack Hacksaw  

Digital version available at Band Camp 


T Shirt

Printed 2016 T Shirt Size 2X (big!)





T Shirt

Printed 2019 T Shirt.

Order size Medium
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Polo Shirt

Embroidered polo shirt.

Order Size XL
Order Size 2X (big!)

T Shirt

Printed Demon T Shirt Size 2X (big!)


Perfect Darkness


The first BLACKFIRE album dating all the way back to 1997.

  • Barbie Doll From Hell

  • Only Wanna B With U

  • Me

  • Perfect Darkness

  • What Can I Do

  • Got What I Want

  • Try To Be Mine

  • Prisoner Of Society

  • Blackmail

  • Tell Me Why

  • Fraud Squad

  • Dream Police

  • Gone

  • Domination

Digital version available at Band Camp

BLACKFIRE Live at the Fleece, 4 July 2003

Relive the frenzy of a live BLACKFIRE gig in the comfort of your own home!

It's like your very own bootleg for just 5


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The BLACKFIRE marketing guru's have come up with a sure fire winner this time! Now you can be the proud owner of the fantastic new BLACKFIRE fridge magnet. And at a price so cheap it makes you wonder if there's a recession on.

Just 50p each 

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The current T shirt design is proving extremely popular. Demand has meant we have already had 4 additional runs printed.

Available in sizes Small to Extra Large and priced at a bargain 6.00

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The original BLACKFIRE logo, now available embroidered in colour on a quality sweatshirt.


A mere snip at 20.00

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And here are some previous products sadly no longer available:



Crikey, it's a whole year with BLACKFIRE and all on the same big, stiff, glossy page!

Available for the unfeasibly give away price of just 1, it's best if you buy this off the band at a gig as it will cost 2 to post it to you. And the Post Office will probably still bend it in half. If you don't believe us, just ask the bass player - he's our man on the "inside".


And as if one fantastic BLACKFIRE calendar wasn't enough for 2009, here's an alternative design

2008 Calendar

Yes it's here. Full colour fold out A3 wall hanging calendar with no less than 13 colour pictures of those BLACKFIRE boys. 

Get them while their hot and make someone's Christmas.




The ultimate stocking filler (and we don't just mean the Marquess when he goes to that club in Old Market).

The BLACKFIRE Calendar will put a smile on anyone's face and will provide you with all the dates you need. Plus no less than 13 colour pictures of the band for you to use for target practise or indeed as a sexual aid, depending on your persuasion...





Sporting both a front and a back print, this was the second T shirt to accompany the Fast Music And Drinking album


Save The Bristol Brewery


Campaign song dating back to 1999.

This received radio airplay several times and was even played over the p.a. system of the Courage Bristol Brewery before it's sad closure!


The first T shirt promoting BLACKFIRE's epic Fast Music And Drinking album.

The classic, original BLACKFIRE T shirt design.

Now much coveted!