Rogue's Gallery

These are pictures of various losers and misfits who have at some time featured in the

BLACKFIRE line up, as opposed to the losers and misfits who are still in it!


After more than 20 years playing drums for BLACKFIRE Thumper made the most unequivocal exit of any band member so far. Sadly this was by dying in June 2020.

Plant Man

The Plant Man identical triplets received a lot of coverage in the local press when they were born back in the swinging sixties. Over the years each of them had a stint with BLACKFIRE including playing bass on the  Perfect Darkness and Fast Music And Drinking albums. Rumours that a fourth one is out there somewhere remain unsubstantiated. 

Count Homer

Having decided "6 strings good, 4 strings bad" Count Homer departed BLACKFIRE at the end of 2006 to pursue his childhood dream of gurning whilst  playing lead guitar

He can currently be seen in public involved in some aquatic goldfish bouncing activities and the occasional Tony Iommi emulation.

Mad Mike

Not so much "mad" as just plain socially inadequate!

Curious ability to form bands that he then gets thrown out of (check out the Osmium site for further details).

And yes, he did make that jacket himself.

As of 2002 we have received information that he is now calling himself "Dr Mick". 

You have been warned...



After a good stint with BLACKFIRE Spider was last seen in a mental hospital.

Nobody is sure if he is a patient or is just working there...



New Man

Joined during Plant Man's sabbatical.

Unfortunately his Donny Osmond look and highly strung temperament didn't quite fit in with the rest of the band.

We just couldn't get the vibe.





About as cheerful as a wet weekend in Grimsby, Rags occasionally saw the point of playing some pretty lacklustre bass.

Some people go from rags to riches, this guy went from rags to ?

Andy Arnot

Alleged band manager and part time player, Andy had a great affinity for the police in general and "drink driving" in particular.

His best trick was to not turn up at a gig because he had been arrested on the way there.

Andy spent a number of years hiding in Hong Kong avoiding British justice and his current whereabouts are unknown.

He is miming in this picture.